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Doherty High School Track & Field

Coaching Philosophy
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Coaching Philosophy
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Coaching Philosophy

We believe high school athletics are valuable to the complete education of the child.  The lessons learned through setting goals and working to achieve them combined with working for the success of the team are the real experiences that help student athletes in becoming well rounded adults. 

It is beneficial for our athletes to prioritize and learn to balance their commitments to family, friends, school, and team.  We expect the athlete to take care of their class work outside of practice time by utilizing early morning time with teachers and occasionally using Academic Enhancement after school. 

As an athletic team we want to compete and achieve at the highest level.  It is our goal to win the Colorado Springs Metro League every year.  We use a program to develop athletes at any ability level.  Students will compete in at least the four Tuesday afternoon meets, those who are in the top two-three in their event will compete in the Saturday invitationals if they abide by team expectations.   We periodize our workouts with their peak week in mind.  Any workouts done outside of practice need to be cleared with the coach in order to minimize the chance of injury.  It is our belief that the coach and the athlete need to be in clear communication and it is the ahtlete's responsibility to communicate any concerns on training or events with the coach. 

We understand that track and field lends itself to being a solitary sport focused on the individual.  We believe a balance between team and individual must be reached.   Doherty Track and Field will individualize training while not sacrificing the team concept.  The team comes first, while the contributions the athlete gives for the benefit of the team will also benefit that athlete.

We furthermore believe that there needs to be a cooperative relationship between athlete, student, and coach where each works for the benefit of the athlete and the team.  Understanding the role of each is imperative to a positive learning experience.