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Doherty High School Track & Field

Indoor Track Workouts Over Christmas Break
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Follow the warm up and speed prep.
We will resume workouts after Christmas Break due to CHSAA rules
Weight room open Tuesday Dec. 23 @ 10:00 am
Monday (This can be done at a Gym)

2 laps 1st light run 2nd with 50 Meter accelerations

Movement Prep

Warm up Drills bkwd run out, carioca, carioca other direction, C-skip out, sprint out, 20/40/60 three times.


6 x 200 Boys around 32-34 seconds Girls 38-40 seconds

1:30 Recovery’s in between reps


You can do this in a pool running increase reps to 10,  sprint hard in water for that many seconds.

Shorten recovery to 30-45 seconds.  There is a (in seconds) big timing clock by most pools.

Do movement prep after workout if you are in the pool.  But warm up would be done in the pool exactly the same 5 mins running with 4 sprints included.

All drills can be done: bkwd run out, run back, carioca, run back, carioca other direction, run back, C-skip out, run back, sprint out, run back, three times.

 On a treadmill Boy’s at 11 mph for 60 secs.  Girls 10.8 mph 60 secs. Jump off by putting hands on rail and feet go to the side rails. 

Slow it down to 5.0mph and recover 1min 30 seconds.

Warm up at 6.0 mph for 5-10 min with speed ups.

Cool down at 6.0 mph for 5-10 min.

Tuesday (Coach Brown will be in weight room at 10 am


Warm-up as in Monday workout

15 min cross-country or road run  (Running can be done in pool but run with effort for 15 min after full warm up)

Lift 3 sets

Step –up (4 reps each if you have weight.  If you use bodyweight 15 reps)

Split Squat

Dead lift

Calf raise

Push ups

(as many as you can for each set)




Repeat Monday’s workout or any of Monday’s options

Thursday Off Merry Christmas


Friday (on Own)

Repeat Tuesday’s workout


Check back for next week’s workouts.