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What:   Liberty Lancer Invitational

When:    Saturday March 14, 2009  8:30- 5:00   Arrive at least one hour before your first event,   they may be ahead of schedule

Where: District 20 Stadium Liberty High School on the corner of Austin Bluffs and Research  Parkway.  Go to for directions to the meet.

Cost:      Spectators will have to pay.  We do not have that price, since each meet host sets their own price.


Field events times are approximate.  There will be a rolling schedule for field events.

There will be 4 attempts in the field events.`




             8:30 AM Girls Pole Vault – 6-6 opening height                                                            

             8:30 AM Girls Shot Put   Finals

             8:30 AM Boys Discus Throw                                                                                          

             8:30 AM Girls High Jump – 4-6 opening height                                                           

             8:30 AM Girls Long Jump                                                                                                 

             8:30 AM Boys Triple Jump                                                                                               

             9:00 AM Girls 4x800 Meter Relay                                                                                    

             9:15 AM Boys 4x800 Meter Relay                                                                                   

             9:30 AM Girls 800 Sprint Medley                                                                                    

             9:40 AM Girls 100 Meter Hurdles                                                                                    

           10:00 AM Boys High Jump – 5-6 opening height                                                          

           10:00 AM Boys Long Jump                                                                                                

           10:00 AM Girls Triple Jump                                                                                                

           10:00 AM Girls Discus Throw                                                                                            

           10:00 AM Boys Shot Put  Finals

           10:00 AM Boys Pole Vault – 8-0 opening height                                                           

         10:00 AM Boys 110 Meter Hurdles                                                                                   

           10:20 AM Girls 100 Meter Dash                                                                                         

         10:40 AMBoys 100 Meter Dash                                                                                         

           11:00 AM Girls 4x200 Meter Relay                                                                                    

           11:15 AM Boys 4x200 Meter Relay                                                                                   

           11:30 AM Girls 1600 Meter Run                                                                                         

           11:50 AM Boys 1600 Meter Run                                                                                       


If time permits there will be a short lunch break at 12:10


            12:30 PM Girls 4x100 Meter Relay                                                                                    

            12:45 PM Boys 4x100 Meter Relay                                                                                   

              1:00 PM Girls 400 Meter Dash                                                                                         

              1:20 PM Boys 400 Meter Dash                                                                                       

              1:40 PM Girls 300 Meter Hurdles                                                                                    

              2:00 PM Boys 300 Meter Hurdles                                                                                   

              2:20 PM Girls 800 Meter Run                                                                                           

              2:35 PM Boys 800 Meter Run                                                                                         

              2:50 PM Girls 200 Meter Dash                                                                                         

              3:10 PM Boys 200 Meter Dash                                                                                       

              3:30 PM Girls 3200 Meter Run                                                                                         

              3:50 PM Boys 3200 Meter Run                                                                                       

              4:10 PM Girls 4x400 Meter Relay                                                                                    

              4:35 PM Boys 4x400 Meter Relay


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