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Doherty High School Track & Field

2009 Indoor Track

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USATF Membership Sign Up: The team code is 284

Indoor Track Starts December 1
There will be a $35 fee charged for the 10 week season
All money goes directly to Doherty Track to offset the cost of USATF Team membership

Indoor Track:  Speed enhancement and development program

Monday - Thursday 3:30-5:00pm , Friday: Weights to 4:45

You are expected to run outside of practice. See coaches for individual programs

Dec. 1, 2008-February 13, 2009

The fee is $35


This fee goes into the Track Club Fund.  We pay for a team membership into USATF this does not include the individual membership required for participation in the meets.  The sessions are 5-days a week training sessions (supervised), running training schedule and at least 2 Meets: 

Meets are through USATF plus one through Air Force Academy Track Team and are encouraged but not required.  We attend 2 meets as a team but they are optional.  Attending the meets gives the athlete experience of meet prep and a good gage base for starting the season. A copy of your birth certificate is required for participation at the meets (if no certificate is turned in there will be no entry into meets).  If you want to compete in the meets a USATF membership is required and available online at .  I cannot put in meet entries without the membership numbers so I must have a copy of birth certificate and membership number no later than January 9, 2009


This is not a required club for Doherty Track Program simply an enhanced program for optimal results during the track season.  The training will provide a foundational base for the athlete and will include the General Preparation and Special Preparation Phases of training for the season.  Focus will be speed development through strength, power and coordination.  This program is really geared toward the serious and self-motivated athlete, as the expectation for work ethic and standards are high.  Attendance and communication are needed, as the program will have limited participants because individual needs and goals are the focus for us as the instructors.  If you have questions or want to put your name on the participant list please call; Coach Brown: Home 590-9786,cell 964-7830, E-mail .Coach Duensing: Home 520-2609 E-mail   

Each athlete will need a bag with these items included that you will need at every practice.


  • Swimsuit
  • Towel
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Long pant
  • Protein source for after the workout
  • Log book and pen or pencil
  • Coat
  • Running shoes (not spikes)
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Sweatshirt
  • Lock (if you want to keep your stuff in a locker)
  • Water bottle
  • Stopwatch





Indoor Track Schedule


Jan.   3, 2009               CU                   USATF All Comer


Jan. 10, 2009               CU                   Fort Collins Track Club all comer


Jan. 17, 2009               CU                   USATF All Comer


Jan. 18, 2009               USAFA           USAFA High School Invite


Jan. 25, 2009               USAFA           MLK/ Mile High Classic


Jan. 31, 2009               CU                   USATF All Comer


Feb.14, 2009               CU                   Colorado Steppers all comer