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Doherty Cross Country

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Doherty Cross Country

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Thomas B.  Doherty High School                                                    

4515 Barnes Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80917







Welcome to the 2014 fall XC season at Doherty High School.  First and foremost, the safety and well being of the athlete are the top priorities of our coaching staff.  Each coach is first aid certified and is also required to possess a working knowledge in specific areas training and running. We sincerely believe every team member has something positive to contribute, and we will do our best to make this experience enjoyable and fulfilling for the athlete.


Practices are after school and will last two hours.  There is a special schedule for bad weather days, so we expect your child to attend.  


The support of your student/athlete is vital to his/her well-being.  I am asking for your help ensuring that your child gets the proper rest and nutrition. This will compliment their academics as well as their athletics.   


On behalf of Coaches Schwartz, McCormick,  and myself, thank you.


Rob Duensing

Chuck Schwartz

Bill McCormick


Cross Country Coaches

Thomas B. Doherty High School





Parents and coaches are important role models for students; they both provide necessary guidance to young adults in their development and in their understanding of the world in which they will live and work as adults. By understanding and respecting each other, parents and coaches, working together, can greatly benefit children. When your children become involved with the athletic program at Doherty High School, you, as parents, have a right to understand the expectations that will be placed upon them. Clear communication between parents and coaches facilitates this understanding.
The following information is intended to be used as guidelines to establish an environment in which open communication and mutual respect are fostered.
Communication You Should Expect From Us
1.      Philosophy of the coaches
2.      Locations and times of all practices and contests
3.      Explanation of athletic department training rules
4.      Team requirements (i.e., special equipment, fees, off-season conditioning recommendations)
5.      Procedures if your child is injured during participation
6.      Explanation of excused and unexcused absences from practice/contests
7.      Discipline that results in denying your child a participation opportunity
Communication Coaches Expect From Parents
1.      Concerns expressed directly to the coach rather than passed from parent to parent to child...
2.      Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance
3.      Specific concerns regarding a coach’s philosophy and/or expectations


Appropriate Concerns To Discuss With Coaches


As your children become involved in the athletic program at The Doherty, they will experience some very rewarding moments. It is important to understand that there also may be times when things do not go the way your children wish. Some are appropriate to communicate with coaches.


1.      The treatment of your child—mentally and physically

2.      Ways to help your child improve

3.      Concerns about your child’s behavior


Issues Not Appropriate To Discuss With Coaches
It is very difficult to accept that your child may not compete as much as you hoped. Coaches are professionals. We make judgment decisions based on what we believe is best for all athletes involved. As you have seen from the list above, certain things can be discussed with your child’s coach. Other things must be left to the discretion of the coach.
There are situations that may require a conference between the coach and the parent.  It is expected that you will call the coach first to set up an appointment.  If the outcome of the meeting warrants a third party, call the Athletic Director's office to set up a meeting.
  1. Call to set appointment. Please do not attempt to confront a coach before or after a meet or practice.  These can be emotional times for both parent and coach.  Meetings of this nature do not promote resolution.
  2. The next step if a satisfactory solution was not achieved would be to seek the input of the principal or a school athletic director. 


Research indicates that participation in other activities has a great impact on success in adult life.  Many of the character traits required to be a successful participant are exactly the same that will promote a successful life after high school.  We hope this information will help in enabling your child and you to have a positive experience with this program.




Rob Duensing                        520-2609    

Chuck Schwartz                     651-4782

Chris Noll                               328-6443

Athletic Director





We follow the guidelines of School District 11, the Colorado State High School Activities Association and the following rules:



1.      One F or multiple D's  on grade checks taken every week puts you in Study Tables

2.      Mandatory AE until F grade is brought up.

3.     Lunch time study tables if ineligible for entire week missing one day takes you out of next meet.(This is Doherty Athletics Policy)

4.     Eligibility is every two weeks.  2- F's or more and you are ineligble for nine weeks regardless of your grade going up in that nine week eligiblity period.

5.      Our goal is for each student athlete to learn and practice balancing a highly competitive training with academics.

6.      By letting yourself down academically you end up letting down the team.



1.   If late to practice a note must accompany.  You must make up missed time.

2.   An unexcused absence pulls you out of the next meet. 

3.   All absences must be made up.  See your Coaches before your next practice.

4.  All training room activity must be completed by 3:30 with clearance through Coaches 

5.   If calling in an absence from school, Please have attendance people place a note in Coach Duensing’s mailbox to notify me of absence.

6.   Not having appropriate clothing in which to practice constitutes an unexcused absence.



You can control two things 

           ATTITUDE & EFFORT

           We expect you to focus on those two aspects of your training most of all.

  1. You must be at practice every day and you must be on time.  If you cannot do either, you MUST notify one of the coaches before practice in writing.  Failure to do so can result in not participating in the meet.   You also run the risk of being dropped from the team.  Excused absences need to be communicated to the coach.       

2.      If  we are taking a bus,  YOU must be on time as the bus will leave those athletes who are not there.  If you miss the bus you don’t compete unless you have made previous arrangements with us.

  1. You must take care of all the equipment that is checked out to you.  You will be charged replacement cost for any lost items, repair costs for damages.
  2. You are expected to travel with the team to meets that are scheduled out of town.  You should bring money and/or food.  Team members are allowed to return home with parents only.  When this is the case, you must report to one of the coaches who will personally dismiss you to your parents,  YOU MUST COMPLY WITH THIS RULE ABSOLUTELY.
  3. When you are not at your locker, keep it locked!!
  4. Keep the locker room clean and locked




      1.   Athletes are required to use our training and strength programs. 

      2.   Any variance of our event or strength program must be cleared through the coach.

      3.   It is in the Athlete’s best interest to buy into our program in order to progress and peak at the appropriate time.  Training without our knowledge could be detrimental to the athlete.




1.      Busses are provided for out of county meets only   

2.      Arrange for you own transportation for El Paso County meets.

3.      Arrange for your own transportation to ALL practices.

4.      We will pre-determine the practice site (consult calendar), it is the athlete’s

responsibility to get there on time.

5.   Parents need to call if there are transportation problems.






1.   Arrive when directed by your coach

2.   Warm up 45 minutes prior to your event keeping warm, loose, mentally focused

3.   Be independent (you don’t need to ask a coach where you need to be, when you  need to be there or where the check in is for your event.)

4.   Drinking 8 oz of water an hour in cool to warm weather and 12 oz an hour in hot to extreme hot weather

5.   Bring complex carbohydrates and protein

6.   Stay in the shade on warm and hot days when not running

7.   No Jewelry. Beads, bobby pins, or hard objects in hair these count as jewelry

8.   No belly button showing

9.   Shorts are on the hips or above

10. Doherty attire only, no club or other school attire, are to be worn to meets and kept on until the starter tells you to take them off.

11. Uniforms must be worn as intended.

12. You may be disqualified for warming up at a field event, getting steps, if there is not a coach or the field event judge present.



       In addition to the School District 11 substance abuse policy:

      1.   Any use of drugs, alcohol or performance enhancing drugs will be immediate

            grounds for dismissal from the team. 

2.   The athlete will be asked to hand in their uniform and they will be off the team.


PERSONAL EQUIPMENT (For Meets and Practice)

  1. You will need an adequate pair of running shoes for practice.  A separate pair of shoes in which you will lift.
  2. A large athletic bag is recommended for team travel.
  3. Some practices and meets will be very COLD.  Be sure to bring enough layers to keep you warm and dry (Hat, gloves, sweatshirt and LONG PANTS warm muscles work best)
  4. Water bottle
  5. Lots of Food (always try to eat a protein source within 30 min of workout or event completion.)



Dress warm for every practice and every meet.  You can always peel layers of clothing off if you are too warm.  Bring gloves, hats, sweats.  Missing practice for improper attire counts as unexcused.




  1. Each member will be issued a uniform and sweats in a mesh bag.  Each item in the bag has corresponding numbers with the bag and the athlete is responsible for turn in of all items and the corresponding bag immediately after the Regional Meet or the following week.  The following charges will be place on a obligation account in that athletes name for anything that is not turned in by Thanksgiving 2010


Warm-ups                               $75.00

Top                                          $35.00

Shorts                                      $25.00


  1. It is the Athlete’s responsibility to wash, keep track of, and return all parts of the uniform in the bag with the correct numbers originally issued to that athlete.
  2. WASHING :  Wash your uniforms in  COLD WATER SEPARATELY from other clothes.   


We will have team picture taken in early September through Apre Photography.  Team and individual packages are available at various price levels. 



Top seven runners will compete Varsity.  To make Varsity you have to be top seven in a meet to make Varsity  in next meet.   Coaches reserve the right to make any changes for the  benefit of the team and individuals.


Regional Team is chosen based on an averaging of times from three meets during the season plus extra weighted CSML meet.  Top seven runners will compete on the Regional team based on this average.  Coaches may use other discretionary reasons for making their choice of Regional team based on unexpected circumstances.



Compete in half of the Varsity meets as one of top seven runners.




Our budget covers meet entry fees and one single bus trip.  We need to supplement our budget with club funds for the remainder of our needs.



You would never put cheap gas in your car, don’t put cheap food in your body. 

Good foods include:  breads, grains, pastas, a variety of fruits, poultry, lean red meats, non fat dairy products. Try mostly whole foods without processing. Lots of fluids of which the most important is water but can include juices, avoid carbonated sugar drinks especially during the season.  Vitamin supplements are good, Calcium is especially important to young women.

Foods to avoid:  high fats, fried foods, sweets, salty food, (chips).  Pre-competition foods:  complex carbs, grains, pastas, (limit protein immediately before races 4 hours on digestion but not after), lots of fluid.  Try not to change your routine before you compete.

If you need further clarification please feel free to contact one of the coaches

Drinks: Keep hydrated with water or sports drinks.  Do not consume any ENERGY DRINKS ie. Rock Star, Spike, Red Bull… or any caffeinated beverages.










Athletic Training Room # 328-6491


Training Room Schedule


o       2:30- the end of daily practices or competitions

o       Be in training room immediately after school to allow for rehab/treatment first come first served


     Player Injury/Rehab Procedures

If an athlete goes to see a physician about an injury they need to bring the trainer a note from the physician before they can be cleared to participate

























Make it your way of life



Your ATTITUDE will shape your SUCCESS

Optimism is contagious

Negativism works all the time

Always raise the expectations of yourself

Clarify your goals

Believe in yourself; Your coaches do

Be a risk taker, play to win

Help your teammates and respect them

Take problems seriously; Yourself lightly

Every day is “Cross Country Day”