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Doherty Cross Country

Cherry Creek Invite
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Cherry Creek Invite

Friday Sept 5, Bus leaves at 1:30

@ Cherry Creek State Park Reservoir


All school buses will need to enter the park at the West entrance. Buses and Vans will park down by the Hobie Hill Picnic area. Buses and school vans will be given a park pass at the gate entrance. We plan to start and finish the race down around the Hobie Hill Picnic area. Restrooms facilities will be locked, however Port-a-lets will be provided down around the starting area. Due to the presents of West Nile virus in the state, it is strongly advised that all runners and spectators wear insect repellent while at the reservoir. 




4:00 - Soph/Frosh Boys division  (unlimited entries)

4:10 - Soph/Frosh Girls division  (unlimited entries)


4:50 - Boys Varsity(limited to the top seven for entries)

5:00 - Girls Varsity(limited to the top seven for entries)


5:40 - Boys J.V.(unlimited entries)

5:50 - Girls J.V.(unlimited entries)


6:30 - Presentation of awards




 The park has very limited close-in parking. There is only around 180 parking spaces near the start/finish area. Some of those spots will be used for busses and school vans.  Last year we had numerous spectators that arrived late and then parked their vehicles on the road sides and even in the grass fields.  When the park rangers asked them to move their vehicles they became belligerent and refused to cooperate.

They are only allowed to park in designated parking areas and there is only limited parking available in the park. Spectators would be much better off to simply park at either the Greenwood Village Park parking West of the park entrance or at Cherry Creek High School parking lot, which is across the street to the South. The walk would be minimal, less than half of a mile. Park Rangers will not allow you to enter the park and drop off passengers. Any individual passenger vehicle wishing to enter the park will have to pay $8.00/vehicle. Parking at either the school or Greenwood Village Park is free.